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By Christopher McKenzie
For Trusts & Trustees published by Oxford University Press


The British Virgin Islands has recently introduced a substantial number of reforms in relation to trusts and estates. These have been made in addition to those innovations relating to variation, reservation of powers and the jurisdiction’s firewall offering, which are considered in earlier articles in this periodical. These further reforms include those enabling foreign grants of representation to be resealed in the jurisdiction, the reintroduction of ‘the old rule in Hastings–Bass’ and refinements to the territory’s highly popular private trust company offering.
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Christopher McKenzie is a partner leading the BVI trusts & estates practice at O’Neal Webster (UK) LLP. The author chairs the Trust & Succession Law Review Committee of the BVI Branch of STEP, the proposals of which led to the above reforms and to all the BVI’s other major reforms relating to trusts and estates over the last 20 years.

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