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O’Neal Webster’s Intellectual Property Department is equipped to handle the needs of our clients, whether on a large or small scale, and is committed to providing quality service with a fast turnaround time as our guarantee. Our lawyers and certified IP paralegals represent clients in all aspects of international trademark, patent, and other intellectual property registration, administration, and dispute resolution, including the protection, maintenance, and enforcement of their brand properties in the British Virgin Islands.

As a leading BVI law firm and registered BVI Trademark Agent authorised to address all trademark services under the modern and attractive BVI Trade Mark Act, 2013, we offer clients premium services that range from initial filings, renewals, and assignment recordings, to change of ownership, license agreements, change of address, oppositions and infringement, and trademark matters involved in mergers and acquisitions. The firm manages a large portfolio of intellectual property clients worldwide, including reputable law firms and famous brand owners.

The firm has expertise in handling major transactions involving the acquisition of a large portfolio of trademarks in a chain of title and multiple transaction recordings in mergers and acquisitions relating to entire portfolios.

The IP litigation team. led by Paul Dennis, QC, has earned a reputation for excellence in complex commercial disputes and has successfully handled complex trademark and IP cases in the BVI.

O’Neal Webster is a member of the International Trademark Association.

Recent Publications

Licensing a Registered Trade Mark in the British Virgin Islands

Known worldwide for its robust shipping registry, trusts, funds, and corporate law sectors, the British Virgin Islands has also emerged as a globally competitive jurisdiction for registering and protecting the intellectual property of BVI companies and independent brand owners. The…

Recording a Trademark Assignment in the BVI

A registered trademark in the British Virgin Islands is transmissible in the same way as other personal or moveable property. Transmission can be completed by assignment, testamentary disposition, or operation of law. When a trademark is assigned, the owner’s right,…

Benefits of a BVI Trademark:

Classification of goods and services in protecting particular brands in the British Virgin Islands We cannot over emphasize the importance of protecting your brands. In this digital age, trademarks are becoming more vulnerable to infringement. Mass production and counterfeit products…
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