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Encouraging Successful Succession: Estate planning options for shareholders of BVI companies

By Christopher McKenzie¹ Shortly after the International Business Companies Act (IBC Act) came into force in 1984, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) became one of the world’s most utilised jurisdictions for the incorporation of international business companies; these companies have…
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Illusory trusts in the British Virgin Islands and section 86 of the BVI’s Trustee Act

The laws of the BVI The principles of English common law and equity form part of British Virgin Islands (BVI) law and would be applied by the BVI’s courts, except to the extent that they have been modified by statute.…
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Virgin Territory | BVI Trusts & Estates

By Christopher McKenzie For Trusts & Trustees published by Oxford University Press Abstract The British Virgin Islands has recently introduced a substantial number of reforms in relation to trusts and estates. These have been made in addition to those innovations…
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BVI Trust Law

BVI Introduces New Reserved Power Trust Legislation

By Christopher McKenzie for Trusts & Trustees, Oxford University Press Background—why reserved power legislation has been enacted Many prospective settlors, especially those from jurisdictions or family backgrounds in which trusts do not feature,1 the establishment of a lifetime trust can…
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Since the BVI’s Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations, 2007 (as amended, “the PTC Regulations”) came into effect, the BVI has become the jurisdiction of choice for private trust companies. Over one thousand such companies have so far been established. Background The…
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Making a Will Won’t Kill You

Why Shareholders of BVI Companies and the Owners of BVI Real Property Should Consider Executing Wills Many people tend to put off the preparation of a will to a future date, but there are numerous reasons to grab the bull…
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BVI Business Company


Structure your BVI company shareholding to eliminate or reduce delays associated with probate Ease of operation and flexibility are two of the most attractive features of a BVI business company (BVIBC). However, the death of a shareholder can cause disruption…
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