Sailing Into the Headwinds of an Evolving World Economy

The world economy continues to grow, not only in complexity but in competitiveness. Although the British Virgin Islands is recognized as a significant contributor to global wealth, the country continues to face headwinds in the race to keep pace with evolving trends in technology, education, infrastructure, and data stewardship. To maintain (and grow) its relevance in the world economy, the BVI can no longer ignore deficiencies in its domestic economy and expect to compete, effectively. Change and investment must occur.

Prospects for Economic Development in the BVI

When viewing BVI’s prospects for economic development, the horizon looks endless. Change and investment simply needs vision and proactive, intelligent management to ensure it is implemented and adopted. How the Territory chooses to take hold of advantages and act on opportunities will make a world of difference in its ability to race against the headwinds.

O’Neal Webster partners Vanessa King and Kerry Anderson recently laid out ideas for change, growth, and economic impact for the BVI in their article published in the July 2019 edition of Business BVI magazine. Read the full article here…at Business BVI.

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